#72. Mythica - Local Movie Review

September 15th, 2015

The guys all watched Mythica: A Quest for Heroes, a film by local fantasy studio Arrowstorm Entertainment. Craig really liked it, so he made the others help him review it. The consensus: it's got its shortcomings (which the guys dwell on too much!) but overall very fun, and any one of them would be proud to have their name in the credits. Go to ArrowstormEntertainment.com to purchase and download the movie, and support the third film on kickstarter.
7:10 – The story and some problems
16:00 – We whine because we care
17:00 – Melanie Stone’s eyebrows
18:00 – The acting
31:00 – Crowdsourcing for Mythica
33:10 – Did we like it?
39:10 – Final thoughts

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