#95. The Silmarillion - Akallabêth

June 11th, 2016

Craig, Ryan, and Nic discuss Akallabêth, the story of the downfall of Númenor. Bit by bit, Craig is forcing Ryan to read the entire book. They dispense with the regular opening insults, and instead opt for bringing back the long-lost "Craig's LotR [Silmarillion] Trivia."

0:00 - Intro, Brandon Sanderson Reading Challenge, Support us on Imzy
4:30 - Craig's LotR Trivia
15:10 - So... What did everyone think of Akallabêth?
21:16 - Arthurian influence on Tolkien
31:44 - Being loyal to fundamental principles
40:45 - Art and holistic progress in Númenor
45:35 - Making the Silmarillion movie
51:33 - Getting to know Sauron the Deceiver
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