#285. Exploring The Lord of the Rings Appendices

July 6th, 2020

Writing nearly 400,000 words wasn't quite enough, so Tolkien included SIX appendices after The Lord of the Rings, covering so much extra stuff, from the story of Aragorn and Arwen and the histories of the Dwarves, the Rohirrim, and the Dunedain to the Shire calendar and an Elvish pronunciation guide. Much like the prologue, it's easy to skim this section (or skip it entirely). But giving the appendices a little attention will unlock layers and colors to the story that make it even more fun and rewarding. In this episode, Craig and Megan briefly cover some of the highlights from the Lord of the Rings appendices.


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Music: "Adventure Time" and "The Seven Seas" courtesy of https://www.philter.no/

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