#102. The Way of Kings, parts 1 & 2

August 21st, 2016

Number 1 in a 3-part series. Discussing parts 1 & 2 of Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings. We're giving away a Sanderson-signed hardcover copy of the book. Rules are at the 3-minute mark. The recording of this episode was broadcast live on facebook. Like our page and subscribe to live videos to get alerts the next time we're live.

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#101. Stranger Things

August 14th, 2016

Well, we'd better hop on this bandwagon before everyone's done with it. Craig, Ryan, Todd, and Kenn discuss Netflix's mega-hit show, Stranger Things.


#100. Number 100

August 7th, 2016

Holy crap, we made it to a hundred episodes? Time to party! Which is pretty much what we did on this episode. There was no topic for the day, other than to chat about our history and how we've changed in our attitudes toward fantasy literature. Oh, and we recorded this episode while simultaneously streaming a video feed live on facebook! So forgive the unpolished delivery. The good news, though, is that we got to interact with a few of you while we recorded. We also played audio from a couple of fans from wildly different parts of the world. Thank you to EVERYONE for listening, and here's to another 100!

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#99. Warbreaker

July 30th, 2016

The whole crew (Craig, Ryan, Kenn, and Todd) is back together for this discussion of Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker. We discuss the magic, the characters, the pacing, the humor, and the story's place in the greater Cosmere. Do Vasher and Vivenna show up in Mistborn: Secret History? What other book does Nightblood make an appearance in?

Also, we finally announce our post-Sanderson podcast series, toward the end of the episode.

#98. The Silmarillion - Fëanor and the Silmarils

July 17th, 2016

In which is discussed the Silmarillion, chapters 5-9. This is the section all about Fëanor, Melkor, the Silmarils, and the flight of the Noldor. We go back to our roots for this episode. This time it's just Ryan and Craig in the studio, talking about Tolkien, playing trivia games, and trying to get something out of fantasy literature that's above their heads.

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#97. Warcraft: Who Reviewed It Best?

July 4th, 2016

The rules are simple: Four of us separately recorded reviews for Warcraft. The review had to be 2-4 minutes. Your job is to decide who reviewed it best.

Vote on our website for your favorite:

Craig - 1:05
Ryan - 3:40
Kenn - 7:20
Jake - 9:40

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#96. Elantris (again)

June 26th, 2016

Show Notes

Panel: Craig, Ryan, Geoff

***Spoilers*** for Elantris, but no spoilers for the rest of the Cosmere

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5:25 - Elantris recap

14:00 - The magic system, the setting

18:55 - The politics

22:30 - Elantrian pain = real life. Find a purpose. What are Sanderson’s personal politics?

38:30 - Exploring faith through Hrathen

43:00 - Elantris as a film

44:30 - Do Raoden and Sarene have an actual character arc?

49:45 - Some constructive criticisms

59:00 - The 10th Anniversary edition


#95. The Silmarillion - Akallabêth

June 11th, 2016

Craig, Ryan, and Nic discuss Akallabêth, the story of the downfall of Númenor. Bit by bit, Craig is forcing Ryan to read the entire book. They dispense with the regular opening insults, and instead opt for bringing back the long-lost "Craig's LotR [Silmarillion] Trivia."

0:00 - Intro, Brandon Sanderson Reading Challenge, Support us on Imzy
4:30 - Craig's LotR Trivia
15:10 - So... What did everyone think of Akallabêth?
21:16 - Arthurian influence on Tolkien
31:44 - Being loyal to fundamental principles
40:45 - Art and holistic progress in Númenor
45:35 - Making the Silmarillion movie
51:33 - Getting to know Sauron the Deceiver

#94. Calamity (Reckoners #3)

May 28th, 2016

Today's panel: Craig, Ryan, Geoff, Tommy, Kenn. SPOILER-heavy episode, as always. We discuss Calamity, book 3 of the Reckoners series. We have a few things to say about the setting and the characters, but we save most of our conversation for the ending of the trilogy.

0:00 - Intro, insults, and housekeeping
6:45 - Craig's quick review
8:50 - Reaction and discussion
47:00 - Final thoughts

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#93. Zelda Discussion, Twilight Princess HD Review

May 22nd, 2016

Today's panel: Craig, Kenn, Jake J, and Jake H. This Zelda podcast started as a review of Twilight Princess HD, but quickly turned into a general discussion of the Zelda franchise, past and future.

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Twilight Princess review - 8:05
NX speculation - 21:03
What makes a game a Zelda game? - 23:50
Favorite items - 27:40
The music of Zelda - 30:13
Favorite game in the franchise? - 35:13
Which is the darker game, MM or TP? - 39:35
Digging into the franchise timeline - 46:55

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